Victor Broers (LLM) is a public thinker and writer. After finishing grammar school, he studied European law, civil law and law philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and he furthered his knowledge on economic theory at the London School of Economics.

During the period following the Lehman Brothers’ collapse he worked as an advisor for the Dutch Minister of Finance on the reform of the European financial infrastructure. Broers was also closely involved in policy matters related to the European Debt crisis. Based on this experience and on many interviews with high-level insiders across Europe Broers wrote Europa in het Rood (Europe in the Red). According to several Dutch and Belgium media this book forms “a surprisingly clear account of how these crises overcame Europe and how it affects our society”. With his books and other publications Broers aims to provide readers with new, alternative visions on our society and the way it could governed. So he did in his Dutch bestseller, Thomas Piketty’s Kapitaalin which he analyses Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century and discusses the question of economic inequality in a broader perspective.

In 2015, Broers founded the Congress of Europe, an extensive and growing network of public and private leaders, thinkers and other influencers across Europe. With the Congress of Europe, Broers is dedicated to contribute to the preservation and development of Europe’s cultural, spiritual and physical heritage for future generations.

Board positions

Zenobia Foundation

Victor is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Zenobia Foundation, the Dutch institute for historical East-West relationship studies.

Roma Aeterna Foundation

Victor is co-founder of the Roma Aeterna Foundation, an organization dedicated to the development of the studies of the antiques, with special focus to the history of the city of Rome and Italy.